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          About us

          We all know now: the whole world is rapidly digitizing. At this point, CDKeyci captures the spirit of the time and offers primarily digital games and other digital products at an affordable price. Customers will get always surprised by renewed campaigns and discounts.

          As a project of 5Deniz IT Services and Digital Distribution LTD, CDKeyci.Com focuses to provide quality and safe service to its customers through the agreements we made with the official distributors in the sector. All products will be delivered instantly with our digital infrastructure connections.

          What is a CD Key?

          Alternatively referred to as an activation code, CD Key, product id, registration key, and serial key, a product key is a group of numbers and letters that helps prevent software piracy. Games or Softwares that require a product key cannot be activated on a computer until a valid number is entered. As mentioned above all our keys comes from official distributors you just need to register on the publishers' platform to activate and download your product with the CD Key you bought from us.

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